An Animated Journey 2016

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What we will cover

How DevTools can help with:

  • Animation
  • JS Debugging
  • Accessibility
  • Smaller bits and pieces
  • A bit of Node.js debugging


Style modifications

outline: 1px solid red;

(Side note)

Independent CSS Transform Properties

Toggle element classes

One click to remove the "col-1-2" class

Layout Editor (WIP)

Next level layout editing

Layout Editor

  • = Padding
  • = Margin

Layout Editor

  • Hover to see the current margin/padding value
  • Drag to modify
  • Guidelines help with alignment

Layout Editor Ideas

  • What if you set up workspaces and your layout changes persisted to disk?
  • What if layout editing worked on touch devices?
  • What if 'in-page' editing allowed you to control all the CSS for an element?


Animation Recording

Animation Inspecting

Animation Debugging - 2 parts

  • Animation Recorder
  • Animation Inspector

Recorder (pt 1)

A timeline view of recorded animations

Hover to preview, discard any animations you don't care about

Recorder (pt 2)

With the animations pane open, all animations/transitions are captured.


  • A breakdown of the animations and animatable properties
  • Click and drag to change animation-delay and animation-duration
  • But wait, there's more!

Web Animation API

Access an inspected animation through JavaScript

Visual Animation Debugging shines with complex animations

Keyframe Editing


Request Blocking


A short debugging story

  1. DOM to Event Listeners
  2. Live Edit
  3. Blackboxing

1. DOM to Event Listeners

Debugging from the outside in

2. Live edit

No page reload necessary

3. Blackboxing

Goodbye bundle-c718fec0.min.js
  1. DOM to Event Listeners
  2. Live Edit
  3. Blackboxing

Live Edit

  • Raw text changes are injected back into V8
  • Comparisons are made between new.js and old.js
  • V8 compiles the changed JS, and patches old.js with the changes

JavaScript Source Maps

You even debug ES7

Source Map Example

Service Workers


Dark mode

Promise Inspector

Captures all promises in various states


new Promise(() => {})


new Promise(resolve => resolve())


new Promise((resolve, reject) => reject())

Security Panel


Accessibility Developer Tools for Chrome

a11y logo

Contrast line ratio

Contrast is important

The threshold between low contrast and an acceptable contrast.

Command Menu

Access to everything in a few keystrokes

Some other smaller bits

What about Node.js?

glad you asked


  • Animation tooling
  • Accessibility (with extension + native experiments)
  • Use Source Maps with JS + Sass - set up "Workspaces" for save-to-file abilities
  • Filmstrip + Request Blocking - how does the user experience a page
  • Node.js debugging

That's all for now

Thank you